If knowledge is power then knowledge of self is self-empowerment.

In today’s New Energy we can advance to the next level of mastery; and with ease.

We don’t need to waste our time any longer on studying nuts and bolts of how my being functions. Do you need to understand the internal combustion engine to drive from place to place? All the physical intricacies are there, but now instead of learning how I function I can focus and work on CREATING how I WANT to function: what state of health and vigor I want, what reality I want to create, how much abundance it should include, what experience I want to attain, what can I share with others, how can I help etc.

I am the only creator of self. Where I focus my attention – my CREATIVE energy goes. That is that simple. Mere knowing of this fact opens me to the whole new dimension of power.

The only time that I don’t create consciously is the time when I let some subconscious programs control my being. Most of them are not even mine. How much I let autopilot control my creation is my choice. And everyone has the power to disable those programs by simply shifting her/his focus onto what she/he would like to create. The moment you observe yourself – you are no longer a program. In the new energy these mostly parasite programs are easily discoverable. We are done with the linear paradigm of survival. Time is here to think and FEEL in concepts and ideas, not dogmas and somebody else’s doctrines.

The only prerequisite to tap into this new level of mastery is that I need to be awake to, and aware of my Divine power. And there are more and more of us that are awake; I see it now every day. And it makes me feel joyful. The Shift is indeed happening, we are changing and the world around us has no choice but to shift. What a bliss.

So forget all your worries and shine your brightest.