Natural Frequency of 432 Hz vs. ISO Standard of 440 Hz

Natural frequency of 432 Hz vs ISO standard of 440 Hz. There’s a ton of information on the subject of what frequency is more in tune with our natural vibration with 432 Hz being widely accepted as the correct one.

Being in tune with this universal frequency is an integral part of us being part of nature.

I learned that Mozart and Verdi, whose music offers the most profound healing effects, both based their music on natural vibration. A=432 was allegedly nicknamed the “Verdi tuning”.

Strangely in 1950 American government made it an ISO standard that all musical equipment, music on TV and radio broadcasts will be at 440 Hz.
Apparently music tuned to 440 Hz frequency directly conflicts with human energy centers from the heart to the base of the spine, while chakras above the heart are stimulated suppressing the ‘heart-mind’, intuition and creative inspiration. Some studies conclude that this frequency makes people think and feel in a certain manner that makes them passive, apathic and prone to manipulation.

When started digging a bit more why it is so, the names such as Joseph Goebbels and other beasts of the last century came up. Apparently 440Hz as concert pitch was used already before 1900 by various countries, such as England and the USA.

You can do your own study on that. And if you like me conclude that you should stop listening to the music tuned to 440 Hz, then you will start looking for solutions. And they are plentiful – apps like Retuned Pro, 432 Player and others can come handy.

Keep shining.