Chicken Or The Egg? Solved!

I think I finally solved the enigma that humans have been tormented with: the chicken came first. And why? Because it was SHE!

Let me explain. SHE represents Life and Creative energy, not he. SHE, the feminine is the transformer of the POTENTIALS of energy into REALITY. You can have all sorts of brilliant ideas and thought-forms in the realm of Creation, of pure potentials, but to make it into earthly reality you need SHE!

So first SHE generated HER-self out of HER limitless and incessant Creative abilities, then she enabled HER-self with the ability to gift life further. This is the Feminine way of paying it forward!
Back to chickens, interestingly hens need the semen, but not the rooster to reproduce. What they need to stimulate egg-laying is the LIGHT. How symbolic is that? Also sounds like immaculate conception to me.

Is there a parallel with the humans? I have no doubt.

I understand how thin the ice is I’m about to walk upon, and I can hear my fellow beings, who like me wear male corpoReal suits criticizing me. But I still want to say that, of which I’m becoming more and more convinced the more I think about it: male is a hybrid female.

 pause here …

Think about: a human being is by default female. All human embryos start out Female before they change and become male. So the Femininity is fundamental here as well.

If you thought I was joking until now, here’s some science that supports what I just postulated.

The sex of the fetus is determined by the XX/XY chromosome combination, X being always the first letter. It is the presence of the Y chromosome that makes one male, not the presence of a second X chromosome making one female. And the genes in the Y chromosome do not kick on immediately, but only at some point in development. Which means that the Creatress is X, the Feminine and the Y is a polarizator, bringer of variety, of the opposite.

Also initially all embryos have ovum. And then some drop the ovum from the abdomen into the scrotum becoming testis.

It’s the feminine, which is creative, which gives life by shaping potentials of energy into the matter-filled reality.

Women create by default. They don’t ask themselves the question how to bring child for nine months. This is all in auto.

Now, in our world we need both energies Female and Male. It is just that the Female is the foundation for another and NOT vice versa.

I think I just described how some of the world’s mainstream religions that STILL TODAY discriminate women are fundamentally wrong.

And some not so known facts for you:

The word King (correct spelling is Q’ing) derives from Queen (Q’in), which derives from Qa’khin, later Kāhin, Arabian priest and also in Hebrew kohen, “priest” and later “coin”, which also means androgynous. Gosh.

I’ll conclude with this: time has come to stop creating more and more polarity and to balance ourselves. And shortest way back the way I see it is rediscovering our Femininity, regardless of the gender and sexual preferences.

There can’t be no wars if mothers are allowed to rule and make decisions. What there is then is Love, Creativity, Beauty and Magnificence, and of course respect to all Life. Males have little or no idea what it costs to give life; they are taught well how to destroy it though.

Well done Canada’s second-youngest PM ever with this appointment.

Perhaps it’s time to look critically at “do it right” mantra and start doing it left? How much ME is in what I think and what I do?

Don’t follow a trend. Follow your heart.

Krist Novoselic

So then, by the power given to me by the Creatress Herself I pronounce next year – the year of Womanity and Femininity. Let’s together make it a year of piece, respect to all life and respect to our mother Earth.

BTW, Creatress heard many grumbles about how fast the time flies prevailing you from achieving things you always wanted. So SHE packed 366 days in the next year for the price of 365.

Seriously, have fun! Don’t leave your dreams for later. Why?