Times of Transition As An Opportunity For Growth

Mother Nature continues to express her mood through incessant swings in weather: dry and sunny days are abruptly replaced with heavy rains and storms, cold autumn-like nights shape-shift into dry hot days and so on. My take of this year’s energy – we should expect more of this pattern throughout 2016.
At the same time since early this year we have been blessed with profound inflows of Light that only intensifies as we go along. Everything that conflicts with this Light is being pushed to the surface to be healed and then transmuted. We are witnessing this occurring on every level of our lives. For some it appears as though this miraculous Light is wreaking havoc all over the Planet. However, on my opinion that is a misperception. More on that below.

Are you feeling positive energies flowing around these days? Those energies are closely related to the ongoing shift in our consciousness. They catalyze our evolutionary process and affect humanity in the most encouraging way.

Let’s take the New Moon in Taurus last week for instance. This was a large-scale illumination of new possibilities for Earth, and the Great Attractor Sagittarius at the center of the Milky Way is now creating a magnetic pull, drawing us ALL towards higher vision. Pluto in Capricorn is redefining our limits and calling us to accelerate our transformation.

Every choice we make affects not only us but also everyone else. During this period of Choice, Jupiter (the planet that represents expansion) moves out of the retrograde position, bringing a direct influence of expanded consciousness into every moment of our lives through this auspicious change. We can take a big step forward now; a rear chance to absolutely take advantage of! And if we align our choices with the principles of Highest Good for All, we can probably make more evolutionary progress with less effort.

Jupiter’s (expansion) repositioning in relationship to Earth coincides with a rare transit of Mercury (communication) across the Sun, bringing greater access to higher levels of communication. This particular Mercury transit only occurs three or four times during an entire century, so we would be wise to pay attention to the choices we make during this potent time.

There are a few people who are moving through these times fairly easily, but that is rather an exception. Many people that I talk to are experiencing all kinds of stress in both their physical and emotional bodies including physical pain, emotional upheaval, genuine fatigue, and general discomfort.

Our physical and energetic bodies are comprised of earth, air, fire, water, and ether elements. Being intelligent these elements respond well to the ongoing shift and offer help in our transformation. This means that we have the ability to assist our bodies and to relieve them of the pain and excess stress by simply loving and listening carefully to them and acknowledging messages they send.

Unsettling news purposely distract you, causing you to focus your attention elsewhere. And WHERE WE FOCUS OUR ATTENTION OUR ENERGY GOES.

Instead of feeding negativity with your precious energy, you can intend to send Love, Compassion, and Healing to any areas that particularly concern you, or even to the whole world, and truly know that your powerfully held intentions are extremely effective. Then rejoice in the knowing that all manner of things will be well.

When you wake in the morning, when you meditate, relax, contemplate, or pray, during the day, before you go to sleep at night renew that main intention, and know, truly know, that it is infinitely effective!

We are living through an exceptionally auspicious moment! The cosmic energies that are here now give us the ability to take a big step forward. And many changes have already occurred. In case you haven’t noticed please read this encouraging post.

In case you are having trouble to awake your feeling part despite those auspicious energies and mother nature awakening all around us, there’s a fair chance that the ego part of your mind is blocking you. If this is the case you may want to consider joining me in a unique event taking place in Lausanne on May 20-22 – 48Hr Ego & Negativity detox. In the words of the organizer “we all experience negativity and many people feel overwhelmed, trapped and unable to move forward. It causes us to sabotage our success, relationships, health, wellbeing and finances.”

Clayton Ainger is an experienced facilitator and acclaimed intuitive reader. Knowing Clayton personally I guarantee we will have loads of fun.

To give you some extra support and encouragement Common Vision will be screening Awake In The Dream. This film features many of your favorite authors including Neal Walsch, Bruce Lipton, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Tom Kenyon and more. I will get back to you with the date of the screening in the next few days.