A Unique Chance to Experience Rear Celestial Event, Brexit and More

Most of us in the Western world are used to the “timing” of Gregorian calendar. It “helps” us to “time-travel” in our minds as we keep our focus on Past and Future instead of living through and embodying the experience of the Present moment.

However several times a year Gregorian calendar actually aligns with Universal and Cosmic energies. We are in such a period right now having recently moved into the energy of the summertime in the Northern hemisphere (wintertime in the Southern). For the first time in nearly 70 years the Full Moon and Summer Solstice coincided on the same day.

This is a time of change when we can combine the energies of duality knowing that one half of the globe is experiencing the essence of summer and the other – the essence of winter. Celebration of the Summer (or Winter) solstice earlier this week was an opportunity for us to broaden our perspective of understanding that everything in duality serves the process of moving towards Unity. I elaborate more on how Brexit is a wonderful illustration of this process towards the end of this letter.

While we exchange our thoughts and our experiences with Mother Nature in different hemispheres, it gives us an opportunity to know that we are joining and bonding with one other energetically, hemisphere to hemisphere; and in our brains – right hemisphere to left hemisphere. This is a major step towards understanding Unity at a cellular level.

What a gratifying thought it is: each aspect of who we are shines to complete the whole of humanity.

The energy of the present moment also affords us grand opportunities:

to evolve beyond our limited perspective

to drop our belief systems that no longer work

to change old patterns of behavior

to do things differently

to move forward

to decide to Respond rather than Re-act.

Equally, the events presently unfolding are offering the solid possibility to shift our focus away from what we THINK is real and move into understating of the true reality.

We give less focus to thoughts and feelings like: I have no choice, like I am victim, like outer circumstances are controlling me. And when you do this, you begin to control the outer circumstances more and more. This also helps you understand who you are and what you are capable of.

As we now know all energy manifests into form (things) through the thoughts that we think and how we feel about our thoughts. There’s simply no other alternative. Thoughts + feelings = our material reality.

YOU always hold the POWER to make changes within you to create NEW reality. Do not doubt it even if you can’t manifest the desired outcomes yet. You will begin to manifest in small and then in very large ways.

If you want to understand your thoughts and feelings better all you need to do is to look around you. If what you see does not reflect your ideal reality – you will need to think NEW thoughts. This is your door to creating new reality for yourself. You simply can’t create new reality out of the old thoughts and feelings.

On July 5 we will be screening a powerful documentary AWAKE IN THE DREAM that reminds us how to wake up from a dream and how to reclaim our powers to create the life of abundance and fulfillment.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Last week I was fortunate to attend training in Colorado with Dr. Joe Dispenza. He is best selling author, and many people know

him as one of the creators and featured speakers in “What The Bleep Do We Know” – film that help millions of people to take another look at what they call Reality.

In my opinion Dr Joe is one of the most progressive thinkers and scientists of modern era. His teachings help people realize, and most importantly put into daily practice the concept of creating their desired reality.

In a few months from now I will become fully licensed trainer. Please do let me know if you are interested to attend one of the workshops or organize one for your company.


The results are known and they are shocking for many: 72% of Britain’s electorate voted, of which the split is almost perfect 50 x 50. The people are divided, Britain eventually leaves the EU.

Is it good or bad? The answer is – yes.

It’s both because in duality it is never opposition but “shades of grey”, a continuous balancing act. And Brexit is a striking example of duality in action.

I believe the time has come for us to stop continuously default in dualistic “good” vs “bad” paradigm. It’s never either or. For example: does cold exist? What we call “cold” is in reality the absence of heat. If we feel cold, we put additional layer of clothes on. So cold is the function of how much heat we want to have available. Cold and hot, dryness and moisture are not exactly opposite – are they? They are parts of ONE energy that has polar opposite, of which one pole is the absence, and the other pole is the peak of that energy.

Balance is what’s important. Balance is always more powerful energetically than the balancing parts.

And the rest is His(s)tory and Her-story.

Think about this: energy is never separated or compartmentalized. It is always ONE. We can only transform it and use for our creation. Never can we use it up or destroy it.

Yes, it has individual characteristics and vibrational signatures of its smaller parts. But like the air in and out of a building it is ONE and the same substance. Where have you seen a river that flows in segments? Sum total is always bigger than simple adding of the individual components. As in nature – it is only NATURal for us humans to bond.

It’s unimaginable that a finger may say: “I don’t want to be a part of the hand. Way too much sharing. Way too many toxins to process. I am working too hard, but not getting adequate blood supply. I’ll go on my own”.

At this point I would like to take you back to the state of energies of this year. They are exceptionally heightened. I would go so far as to say that humanity has never seen such a degree of extreme polarities. We see this in politics, economies even sports. The end of dualistic world is approaching fast, and so in this context the falsehood of duality has been revealed to us on every corner of our life.

We are going through the major rebalancing act. We are getting rid of this “ability” to focus exclusively on the darker part of the story (his-story) being told.

We are now seeing the price entire human family is going to pay for Britain leaving EU. However I keep an image that by the time politicians on both sides of the negotiation table formulate the formula for Brexit, the paradigm will have shifted, making the whole idea of separating in duality obsolete. Remember – there’s no separation really, but endless shades of grey.
Those voted Stay are now starting to realize that remaining inside the Union is still the right choice, BUT the old system must be changed to accommodate new consciousness. We need freedom from the old failing system of power: elect ME and I will rule YOU.

Choice a divine gift from God that cannot be taken away by anyone no matter what.

Choice a divine gift from God that cannot be taken away by anyone no matter what.

Those voted Leave obtained an illusory of freedom/independence. But how did it change the political system of Britain?

In reality the only winners of Brexit will be those with the age-old “Divide and Rule” agenda. Those are the only ones who should be celebrating.

Quick note: the word Authority means literally this – we give our power away to others to author the story of OUR lives; you elect ME and I will be ruling YOU.

We are awakening to our creative powers; we are starting to see the reality for what it is and not what we were told to see.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

Every division that does not lead to improved cooperation is counterproductive and leads to conflict. It’s Cooperation vs Domination.

Time has come to re-write the agreements, to change the principals of governing to self-rule, from alone to ALLONE, from ME to WE.

I believe German and French leaders are already on it. And at this point I don’t care which agenda they have. This process is irreversible I am sure.

Brexit story takes me back to the horrible episode of WWII when atomic bombs were detonated for the first time over two Japanese cities. This was the landmark event that demonstrated how fragile our world is, and that we are all together in this.

My heart goes to people of Britain. At this time of profound changes and shifts I wish them to remain strong and undivided whatever their position was at the time of voting.

I wish you giant leaps in your own evolution.