New Cab Metaphor

So you decided that you are done riding in this old cab you’ve been riding your whole life: you don’t like where it’s taking you, how you feel in it, how it rides, how it looks etc.

You say: I need a new cab. And in your mind your new cab is pictured all perfect and it is taking you to a destination that you always wanted. Once you begin to desire it strong enough, your dream cab starts to appear on the horizon.
What do you need to do to ride it? Obviously get rid of the old cab! It’s not possible in this reality to ride two cabs at the same time. And what do you do? You keep clinging to the old one. You check frequently: am I still having that familiar uncomfortable ride, is it still taking me to some destination, that doesn’t feel right, etc. Guess what you attract into your reality? Only that, which you observe and whose existence you reaffirm again and again. You keep riding the same old unloved cab.

How many of us keep dreaming about new life, improved health and increased energy – the new cab, but keep having their focus mostly on the old cab – things we don’t want and/or fear?

All it takes to get that, which you desire is a little courage, conviction and basic understanding of the quantum mechanics.

Think about this: energy becomes matter under dictation of the observer. So long that the observer is watching, the electron appears at the cloud of energy and it collapses into a solid particle. But when the observer looks away it turns back into energy.

So essentially clinging to the “old cab” you keep collapsing energy into the same old patterns of your perceptions and beliefs called the “old cab” reaffirming its existence again and again. Ironic to say the least.

So if you really want the new future, let the old cab disappear and take a joy ride!