Marvel of the Physical

When we arrive in this world the Universe gives us this beautiful precious instrument – the corporeal body. It then takes care about it, provides for its every need so that we could enjoy the journey, have all the amazing experiences it prepared for us, and express our highest truth as we go along this journey we call life.
Surprisingly we tend to forget about this marvel. Instead of treating this gift of physical life for what it deserves we relate to it as if it was our property. We fill it with our expectations and demands, which are not even ours for the most part, but inflicted by the popular culture and some meaningless prejudices.

Even more, we demand that the entire world around us including other beings, endorses all of our limited perceptions and beliefs, our limited understanding of the ways of God.

And when they don’t – we start suffering.
And we dictate to other people how they should be. And when they don’t – we suffer again. How mindless of us …

Enjoy every moment of this precious gift – life on Earth.
Understand the gift of life, respect it and be grateful.

My love to all of you wonderful contradictory human beings.