Abundance and Your Transition

Many of us have a strong feeling that we are presently moving into a very different time and our world at large is going through massive transition. Everything that has been accepted by humanity to this point is in the process of accelerated change.

As the energy shifts and events unfold more and more illusionary masks are taken off of what previously seemed so real. The people of the world feel more and more as though they are walking on quicksand, that what they believed to be solid and real and true is not that. More and more people awake to the fact that they were conditioned to believe what is and isn’t real and true.

Many become aware of that hypnotic state instilled in them by the power of conditioning on so many levels. Right now is our chance to leave this rotten paradigm of disconnect and limitation, and start enjoying the life of Our Dream. If you are no longer interested in playing the old game the moment is ripe to take your energy out of it and divert it onto self. Now you can fully tap into your own power and allow this power take care of you. Many people already do. You can too. How? Keep reading.

We all have power to create our reality. In fact science has demonstrated conclusively that our physical reality is literally the product of our thoughts and feelings. On November 29th we will be screening a brilliant documentary that did great job compiling many experiments and explain them in language that is easy to understand.

A word about Abundance. Most people have been conditioned into the idea that when you are in possession of something only then you are abundant, and if you don’t have that thing then you are in lack. So most people try to get what they want from this state of lack. Wrong! What happens when they are in this state? They use their senses to define and thus create their reality.

If we were to take our innate abilities to the next level of mastery, we want to be creating from the state of abundance and worthiness, not lack. That’s the moment when our limiting concepts are out of the way and we begin to draw experiences, opportunities, and new events.

All of us are worthy to have the relationships, happiness and joy. But do we dare to believe with all of our hearts that we are worthy?

Another trait of the successful creator is an ability to be aware. Only when you truly live in the present moment, you understand that you don’t create abundance, but generate it. Most people are unconscious of their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, and hence the majority of the time they are generating lack, separation, victimization, judgment, and so on.

On December 10 I am organizing a seminar that I entitled Manifestation Tips: The Art of Deliberate Creation. This 4-hour seminar is packed with the latest advances in science, valuable practical tips as well as proven technics and powerful exercises to put you on track for creating what YOU really want. Join us if you want to learn how to practically apply the science, and starting from this day live a fuller life, a life that is worth living.

In this new energy “what you speak is what you get” now holds so much more energy. It is almost like placing an order for food.  If we expect something to be difficult for us… it will! If we are worried about something, it will show up! Expect your order to be ready if you continue firing the same thought (be it negative or constructive).

The energy nowadays is quite chaotic. It is important to remain grounded and to stay centered. Being out in nature is very beneficial. The tree family, if you stand beside them will help you to balance your energies, to ground into the core of the Earth, to integrate the changes and revelations as they continue each day. We need to take extra care of our body, healing and grounding, rest and plenty of water to facilitate this all. Now more than ever.

It is recommended that you check all your intake: if it’s not educating you, inspiring and pushing power into you – let it go, cut it off.

With the massive Supermoon on November 14 that will be closer and therefore larger and brighter in the sky than it’s been since January of 1948 stay focused on the inside, take care about your projects and visions, and listen to wisdom of your own heart. You will need this energy SOON.

Happy 11/11.