New Year’s Wishes

In the spirit of unconventionality let me begin by offering you the dessert first.  The main course will be served in a minute. Hope you don’t object.

And so I start this message with my New Year’s wishes. I have crystallized all of them for you in this sentence:
May your vibrational level reach fresh profundities and dimensions in this new cycle numbered 2 0 1 7. May the awareness of your boundless creative powers expand to new depths, heights and color.

My wish for you is that you learn everything there’s to learn about those powers, and that you make best use of them to change yourself, to change our reality.

Our world needs more than ever people like you getting out there and making a difference.

You are the real UFO gliding through time and space. And you only need one life to get to the level that you so desire deep inside of you.

You have everything within you; all wisdom, all love, all sovereignty, all creativity. You don’t need to seek outside anymore. Doing so only diminishes your innate power. You don’t need anything from any gods, goddesses, angels, enlightened beings, aliens, guides, etc. I hope you are not offended by me saying this. Because none of the external can awaken you and connect you to your True Self.

So right now is a time of the year for rest and renewal. And I hope you’re getting some. Why rest? Winter in the Northern hemisphere is for hibernation. It is a time to be introspective and to recall back all of our energy stuck in our judgments, fears, negativity and so on, so we can have the vigor and wherewithal to consciously participate in life throughout the coming season.

It is also a time to get really clear on how you’d like your reality to look like in Twenty Seventeen. And no day suits the task of visualizing your plans better than the New Moon (tomorrow at 7:54 a.m. Geneva time).

Besides numerically 2017 is a ONE year: 2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1. One being the number of Transformation and new Beginnings. So again this gives you supportive energy to draft the Grand Plan of YOUR TRANSFORMATION.

Some people live 90 years, some live one year 90 times traveling the same loop over and over again.

At any given moment you have a choice to remain in that loop of learned behaviors and set perceptions that force you to react in familiar and predictable ways, or to create reality the way YOU want.

A belief is only a thought you continue to think, and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality. You cannot create outside your own beliefs.

In case you are lacking motivation for transformation, if you want to learn more on the subject of human powers or would like to sharpen your creative skills to enjoy even more joyful and karma-free abandoned life in these unique times, you are invited to attend my talks, seminars and film screenings.

Our next screening is scheduled for January 10.

As the founder of the HeartMath institute kindly reminds us that compassion is recognized as one of the most powerful and nurturing qualities within the love spectrum. So during this holiday season and these unprecedented times, let’s remember to have compassion for those who are enduring distress and hardships.

It’s valuable for us to remember that self-compassion de-stresses and renews our own system and is especially supportive in these times of collective transitions and changes across the earth.

And it all begins with that adorable person you see every day in the mirror.

Happy New Cycle.