Right now is a time of the year for rest and renewal. And I hope you’re getting some. Why rest?

Since last week the light part of the day started to grow longer, supporting us on a journey of intense transformation. And indeed intense it is for many of us. People report unusually sticky diseases that feel strange, loss of sleep and overall low energy. Please share if this has been your experience. You can find some clues about where your energy goes in this article about 14 energy leakages.


Here in the Northern hemisphere Winter is for hibernation. It is a time to be introspective and to reconnect with our essence. You can read my recent blog about the important role Compassion plays in this process.
It is also an auspicious time to recall back all of our energy stuck in judgments, fears, negativity and so on, so we can have the vigor to consciously participate in life throughout the incoming cycle.

Last but not least, this is the best time of the year to make an inventory of the old beliefs and habits that no longer work for us, that are less than loving, that are not even ours. It’s this type of self-reflection that sets us up for new beginnings. Once the “Don’t Work” list is complete, we can start practically working on our evolution from the old-self to the future-self – the one that enjoys all the things with the opposite polarity to the “Don’t Work“ list.

In full synch with this energy on January 13 I am giving my most popular Personal Transformation workshop “The Art & Science of Deliberate Creation”. I had no choice but to make it longer adding 90 minutes to accommodate new mental rehearsal and other practices where participants will be accessing their subconscious mind to work with their limiting beliefs.


The subtitle of this event is: Manifesting With Clarity.

And here is why. Perhaps you had previous experience with using manifestation techniques and tools, but you are disappointed with the outcomes.

If using affirmations, visualizing your ideal life and making vision boards produced no or very little positive change in your life, the chances are that the manifestation methods that you picked up previously might actually be working against you!

From my experience here is one of the two main reasons those methods DON’T work:

You don’t truly believe in what you are affirming or visualizing!

You can spend hours per day saying affirmations, but if you don’t believe in what you are saying, your subconscious mind will never regard those affirmations as acceptable.
Continuing with the same affirmations will only block your progress and reduce your motivation. It can even make your present situation worse.

You do need to use affirmations and visualizations, provided YOU CAN BELIEVE in the potential that you desire to manifest. In my practice, I am teaching how to find the limits of your beliefs and then … go beyond them with ease and certainty to achieve your goals and vision.

Manifestation is a skill that can be mastered. We are manifesting our material experiences 24/7 anyway, but mostly unconsciously.

If you want to learn the skills that work, if you want to manifest with CLARITY – join this workshop.

You will leave this workshop equipped with the tools and inspiration to create with confidence the life experience that you always desired. And to make it even more exiting, I can guarantee that one participant will leave with more money that they came with.


Here’s one of the latest testimonials:

Very happy and grateful for this workshop.
Thank you for all your knowledge and all the materials. I felt totally confident and free.

Doing my practice every morning and night. I love the meditations, getting better and better to visit my beliefs and transform them.
I really can feel that things are moving fast now.
This is great, many changes in me since the workshop, more awareness, focus.

                                                                                Hélène C.



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