Dear Powerful Creators,

Here’s something to ponder on this last day of 2018: a single cell, while fully conscious Being in its own right, has quite a few limitations. In order to create a human body, they get together in communities on multiple levels. About 50 trillion of them; all organized and functioning as one living organism – a physical body that we use to travel the journey of our life. Without exception all our physical functions are directly derived from the intelligence of those 50 trillion cells.

In my work I postulate that we are all powerful creators. However, just like with those cells our individual power can be amplified. When we sync together there is almost nothing that we cannot do. Our power multiplies manyfold!

For me 2018 was a great illustration of what we can achieve when we are together. Throughout this year I personally witnessed things like “miraculous” healings from incurable conditions, from manifesting abundance and mending broken relationship to creating peace in war-torn areas.

And of course, when you witness or experience yourself a healing of that proportion, you start to feel even more inspired and empowered. Now everything is possible for you!

Please share with me your examples of the power of community you experienced this year.

Among others, those experiences prove that a belief that our diseases are simply due to the dysfunction of our “brainless cells” is completely obsolete. What then is the principal source of disease? The health of the human body is actually ENTIRELY up to its governor – the Mind. The new science tells us that it’s the choices that we make that regulate our genes, not some mysterious fate or a family curse.

When our mind is out of harmony with Nature and our Purpose, the 50 trillion cell community under its control will similarly express chaos and eventually a disease. Simply, the vast majority of human health issues are an expression of a mind in dissonance.

As Dr Lipton puts it: whether it is community of cells, OR community of people, the health and character of the organization is dependent upon the leadership offered by a government.