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New Year’s Wishes

New Year’s Wishes In the spirit of unconventionality let me begin by offering you the dessert first.  The main course will be

New Year’s Wishes2018-12-28T21:07:09+00:00

Marvel of the Physical

Marvel of the Physical When we arrive in this world the Universe gives us this beautiful precious instrument – the corporeal

Marvel of the Physical2017-02-19T20:10:12+00:00

New Cab Metaphor

So you decided that you are done riding in this old cab you’ve been riding your whole life: you don't like where it's taking you, how you feel in it, how it rides, how it looks etc.

New Cab Metaphor2017-02-24T17:34:49+00:00

A Unique Chance to Experience Rear Celestial Event, Brexit and More

Most of us in the Western world are used to the “timing” of Gregorian calendar. It “helps” us to “time-travel” in our minds as we keep our focus on Past and Future instead of living through and embodying the experience of the Present moment.

A Unique Chance to Experience Rear Celestial Event, Brexit and More2017-02-24T17:34:36+00:00

Times of Transition As An Opportunity For Growth

Mother Nature continues to express her mood through incessant swings in weather: dry and sunny days are abruptly replaced with heavy rains and storms, cold autumn-like nights shape-shift into dry hot days and so on.

Times of Transition As An Opportunity For Growth2017-02-24T17:34:04+00:00

Welcome to 2016

As this is my opening message for 2016 I’d like to start by asking you: have you noticed how quickly the time went?!

Welcome to 20162017-02-24T17:33:01+00:00