No need to fight or change reality:
CREATE your own instead

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

~Henri Bergson

There are days when we feel weak and helpless, incapable of changing oppressive conditions in the outside world and personal life.

Little that we know it is exactly this illusive state of powerlessness that created everything in our reality. The key word is STATE. Whatever state you are in today is literally shaping how your reality will be tomorrow. In other words your today’s thoughts shape your tomorrow’s reality. Or your todays’ reality was shaped by your yesterday’s thoughts.

Let me explain.

What we usually think of reality is actually backward thinking. We look around we see matter, other people, experience some events and we react to what we think is real.


There can’t be any reality without us telling ourselves a story. Psychology now tells us that approximately 90-95% of our thoughts are thoughts from yesterday, up to 80% are negative. So shall we say that our future is 95% predictable then? You know what you are going to be like in the coming years – just look at your past.

Some people live 90 years, some live one year 90 times traveling the same loop over and over again. At any given moment you have a choice to remain in that loop of learned behaviors and set perceptions that force you to react in familiar and predictable ways, or to create reality the way YOU want.

If you are reading this at the end of your day, ask yourself this: how many original new thoughts did you think today? How many new ideas did you contemplate? What new and unusual behaviors have you experienced?

You might be asking yourself at this stage: WHY is it so? And do I have any power over this reality?

Most of us were taught that we are at the mercy of the elements and the random effects of the laws of physics. Of course, if you accept to believe this to be true, then you limit yourself by this belief and it becomes your reality.

However, not always people were thinking in this manner.

In 1947 archaeologists found a document near the Dead Sea called the Isaiah Scroll. The ancient Isaiah Scroll describes how humans have the power to influence future outcomes and to shape the outer world from within.

Today, our techno-culture thinks this is fantasy. But is it?

What about spontaneous remission, placebo, kinesiology and homeopathy?

How can people heal themselves of chronic conditions and even terminal diseases?

How do you explain ESP.

What about the children who are emerging all over the world that are able to do psychic phenomena that science can’t explain? And science has documented this in prestigious periodicals such as Nature Journal and Omni Magazine.

Kinesiology for example exposed, for the first time in the Western culture, the intimate connection between mind and body, revealing that the mind “thinks” with the body itself. Thence, it provided an avenue for the exploration of the ways consciousness reveals itself in the subtle mechanisms behind disease processes.

What science can’t explain, although it exists factually and undeniably, they would usually label as “pseudoscience”. Or, like in the case of human DNA they labeled 98% of it “junk” as they didn’t understand what majority of our DNA is doing. If the matter isn’t visible in 3-D telescopes they would call it “dark matter”.

It is not that I am critical of science. Not at all. I actually give a lot of praise to some scientists.  It’s just that I do not accept limitations they are imposing. No doubt science will eventually grow out of their self-imposed boundaries as they always did to accommodate higher degree of awareness. This is one recent example.

Here is my short answer why those human phenomena (and many more) can exist:

  • we are the creators of our reality;
  • our biological vehicles that are continuously listening to what we think and to what we feel play direct role in this process

The Principle:

My outer material reality reflects 100% of my thoughts, beliefs and feelings

This is how today’s Science can explain this:

  1. Everything is ENERGY manifesting in different states such as wave or matter.
  1. According to the 1st Law of Thermodynamics energy cannot be destroyed nor created; it always is, just changing its “appearances” endlessly shifting between different states, and counteracting and exchanging with itself.
  1. Wave-particle duality. Wave-Particle Duality is a concept pertaining to the physical properties of all energy and hereby all matter. The concept states that energy demonstrates properties of both waves and particles at the same time, and they transition back and forward under certain conditions through the process called “Wave Function Collapse”.

This process creates matter.

Moment of transition of wave into matter was captured by the scientists at EPFL, Switzerland in 2015.

Moment of transition of wave into matter was captured by the scientists at EPFL, Switzerland in 2015.

  1. Quantum Superposition of States: particles are thought of as existing across all the possible states at the same time. It’s a bit like lots of waves overlapping each other. It means a particle can be in two or more places at once. This doesn’t make intuitive sense but it’s one of the weird realities of Quantum Mechanics.

In the theoretical sciences, quantum mechanics led to advanced theoretical physics; through associated mathematics, a whole new study of nonlinear dynamics emerged within what had been ignored by Newtonian physics as indecipherable or meaningless, chaotic data—this was one of the most far-reaching developments of modern science, the long-term impact of which has yet to be realized.

  1. Double-slit experiment. 

It is the experiment that shows the entire universe exists by being experienced. The double slit experiment was first performed by Thomas Young in the 1800’s. He recorded what happened when he shined light through one slit in a screen, and what happened when light was shined through two adjacent slits. Years later, scientists had discovered that light travels in groups of energy called photons. They found a way to send light through the slits one photon at a time. This experiment was performed many more times, with electrons as well. The electrons behaved the exact same way. When they were observed, the wave function collapsed and they acted like particles. This experiment led to the understanding of Wave-Particle Duality. 

Double-slit experiment

Double-slit is indeed historical experiment because for the first time in our history it established that when we are observing the energy, it behaves like a particle. When we are not looking, it behaves as a wave.

The belief that a physical, Newtonian material universe that was at the very heart of science was finally dropped, and the realization that matter is nothing but an illusion replaced it.

Lastly the truth has been revealed: everything in the universe is ultimately Energy, and Energy is influenced by Mind. Something only appears as matter when it is being observed.

All of existence is fundamentally an unlimited quantum field of energy, a sea of infinite possibilities waiting to happen.

Consciousness collapses the wave function into actual particles that exist in space and time. Consciousness then experiences energy as matter.

Consciousness is the energy that influences energy. All energy is actually consciousness, therefore it is consciousness influencing itself.

Alexander Senchenko: No need to fight or change reality.

  1. Atoms are not fixed nor empty; neither are they filled with some energy – they are energy. Subatomic particles are at the edge of transition of energy from the quantum field where matter exists in the form of potentials to familiar to us states of matter.

Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

~Albert Einstein

  1. Another considerable fact that physicists have also uncovered that at the quantum level all particles (matter) seem to somehow be connected to all other particles through what they called entanglement (1998 Geneva experiment).

This experiment showed that particles that were created together will react instantly to the same stimuli presented to one of them no matter how far apart they are in perceivable space. And assuming the Big Bang theory is correct, then all particles that created the known universe are forever entangled.

This detectable connection between all particles represents profound implications. First, this would seem to mean that on the subatomic level we are scientifically one with everything and everybody.

And second, this connectivity and oneness would seem to provide unlimited power for the individual to imprint changes to the whole with his thoughts.

  1. Thought-form. Now comes the interesting So Quantum Physics has established that once the observer gives instructions to energy to lower its vibration, the wave function is collapsed and matter comes alive. HOW is this happening?

Let me offer you an allegory: think of a mold in which they cast steel; or perhaps of a cookie-cutter. Liquid hot mass enters the mold (cookie-cutter) and becomes a replica of this mold once it cooled down (lowered its vibration). You may say that the mold is an instruction set for the molten mass to become a slab of steel.

More recent example is 3-D printer. It has some raw material (energy) and it uses a set of instructions (a software program) to print a 3-D image or even an entire car.

In the same way we use our thoughts as the forms, the molds for the energy to become things in our material reality.

When we have a thought whether we are aware of it or not we generate a thought-form, an energy of a particular vibration.  The function of this energy is to tap into the field of potentials and to attract the potential with the similar vibration.

The function of this energy is to tap into the field of potentials and to attract the potential with the similar vibration.

like vibration attracts like

What happens next, in response to our choice, potential reality with frequency that matches our thought-form is thus attracted, the wave-function of the potential is collapsed and the process of creation is initiated.

Whichever potential we have thus attracted, the energy of this potential lowers its vibration and manifests in our material reality.

This is called CREATION!

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

~Albert Einstein


Thought is dynamic power in the universe. It passes from one man to another. It influences people. Like vibrations of light or sound, it radiates out in all directions.

In our world thoughts are the vibrations produced by the mind (brain in action) characterized by frequency, wavelength and energy. Higher the frequency, higher will be the energy.

Being electromagnetic in nature thought is expressed as Electromagnetic Radiation which can be measured with EKGs and EEGs. Airport security scanners use electromagnetic radiation.

These fields continuously come into contact and interact with each other. This counteraction is what sets off the mechanism of attraction.

Your vibrational setup will create a point of attraction and you will attract and manifest in your reality things that match your vibration; now look at your life and you will see what are those vibrations.

We always have the power to choose our thoughts and thus change our vibrational state, our signature.

Nothing can appear in front of us – it has to have a story of how it got there.

Change the story you tell yourself and you will change your life!


Do you need to understand all of this science to be able to use your POWER?

No, not really.

We are already using this beautiful system since the day one.

However this understanding gives you the KEY to unlocking your inner POWERS.

In my workshops and seminars I teach how to do it practically, how to discern and eliminate those sabotaging parasiting programs that stop you from achieving your full potential.

Apply all that you know to consciously create a new body, a new life and finally a new world. This power is your birthright and your heritage. All things are possible here.

Living within your heart surrounded by your energy field, living and creating from this blessed place – this is the next step toward finally realizing the truth of who you really are and the beginning of the fulfillment of your sacred purpose for existing.