Alexander Senchenko key values are empowerment, wholeness, balance and joy, and he will leave audiences everywhere with a great enthusiasm to make BIG changes in their lives through restored faith in their inherent powers. To be in a state of awareness, greater than the summary of limiting concepts of the mind, is what Alexander is striving towards.

He is passionate to inspire and empower people and help them identify and achieve their personal and business goals.

In his work he focuses on motivating each individual to achieve their own greatness, to become stronger individuals who know how to prioritize the important things in life; and, go beyond just coping with the issues causing them distress, anxiety, and stress,

Alexander will not only give you a personal boost, he will remind you how powerful of a CREATOR you are.

Using simple language and the latest advances in science he will make you understand that you and YOU ONLY create your reality. Alexander will share with you his “secrets” on how to PRACTICALLY use your gifts to create the reality that you always dreamed of.

His interests and passions range from neuroscience and quantum physics to riding motorcycle and deep soulful conversations about life’s BIG questions.