An observation

Does dryness exist?

Not really, we use water to regulate degree of dryness. If we feel thirsty we drink water. If we see that the moisture evaporated, making the soil of our plant dry we simply add water. We can’t create water, but we can regulate the degree of dryness to the extent that it disappears completely. So what is dryness – it is the result of presence or absence of water.

Does cold exist?

What we call “cold” is in reality the absence of heat. If we feel cold, we put additional layer of clothes on. There’s more or less heat around us any given time that makes us feel hot or warm. So again cold is the function of how much heat we want to have available.

Cold and hot, and dryness and moisture are not exactly opposite – are they? They are parts of ONE energy, of which one pole is the absence, and the other pole is the peak of that energy.

And what about the supposed opposites Light and dark? Does dark really exist? Nope. All it is then is the absence of Light, and it’s up to us really how much Light to allow. And so is the fear for that matter. It is entirely my choice how much fear to allow into my live. And what is the other pole of fear? It’s LOVE. Hence the conclusion: want fears out – let as much Love as you dare into your live and there will be few or no fear.

I know of only two tools that are needed to rid the fear: our own HEART and laughter. We don’t need a psychoanalyst or a healer to engage this powerful tools. A loved one will do. Even a pet is better than the shrink. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day dear ones. From my heart to yours.