We ask ourselves a question: why there are certain symbols on the currency notes?

This is the way to reinforce the power of those symbols over users of the money.

It is actually the same with the spelling.

Words are forms of division, that’s why they are also called SWords.

With this post, I am starting a series of publications with the aim to demonstrate (De-Monster-Ate) that English is a designer language that uses symbology hidden in plain site. With each new post, I will be sharing with you imperceptible traps you can avoid, as well as affirmations you can use to amplify the power of the spoken word.

I plan to give you new examples with each subsequent newsletter.

The English language is a West Germanic language that derives from German and is the latest addition to the Latin family of languages.

I start with the following illustrations that are directly connected with the subject of my previous post: Mind Over Matter.



The word behave is pronounced as [bi’heiv].

But let’s have a closer look: Behave = Be + Have

The “hidden’ meaning of this word is this: in order to Have something we need to Be, to BeCome someone.

Because quantum field does not react to what we want. It reacts to WHO WE ARE BE-ING. So to ‘have’ something we first need to ‘be’ someone.



And one more: Think|ing is making Thing|s

So when we think – we make, create things. And when we are Not Thinking there are No Things or No-Thing.


It is also important to pay attention to how we verbalize our thoughts.


  • I’m falling apart.
  • The pain is killing me.
  • This relationship is never going to work.
  • I always have bad luck.
  • My life is a misery.

I can’t                Will literally stop growth

I won’t               Will literally put a block in your way

It’s hard            Will literally stop you from achieving

I will try            It has very little or no results

I am trying       That will hold you back

I’m skeptic       Stops you from learning

I will try            It has very little or no results

I will attempt  It is never ending, repetitious



I can                   Can is a command to self

I can do it         When you know inside you can do it – your body needs to hear it

I am!                   Your declaration. Best affirmation if used in positive key; literally promotes growth

In this workshop, I introduce students to the range of powerful affirmations that proven to work and technics how to effectively apply them.

I have compiled a collection of hundreds of English words-symbols that I will be sharing in my each subsequent newsletter.

Coming up:

  • Women = WeMen
  • King (or more precisely Q’ing) derives from Queen (Q’in)
  • Alone = All One


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