This blog continues on the subject of decoding of English language.

In my previous blog, I looked at the words BEHAVE and THINK.

This time I offer an unconventional view of what the word COMPASSION means.

If we take a closer look at the word COMPASSion we will note how the word COMPASS is in its foundation.
And here is why. Compassion is our ability to navigate the sea of our own and other people’s emotions and feelings.
Instead of habitually judging someone using our intellectual mind, by tuning to the frequency of Compassion we are able to adjust our bearings and align our inner Compass with the subtle frequency of another person; and the realm of subtle frequencies in general.

This is actually how we grow: we continuously charter our course by aligning our compasses with our own and other people’s feelings and experiences. The end result is expansion of our own frequency range. Therefore what Compassion does – it allows for our spiritual advancement.

Unfortunately people today spend majority of their time intellectualizing, analyzing and thinking, which leaves little space for feeling compassion; or feeling in general for that matter. In more extreme cases they can become machine-like beings that act much like computers: instead of experiencing reality every time anew, they make intellectual judgments:

I know this (=1), this is unfamiliar (=0).

They execute sequences of 0-1-1-0 codes in their brains. They become predictable, controllable, stuck. And modern-day technology if used unconsciously is helping to accelerate this perilous process.

Intellectualizing, overuse of technology disconnects us from our hearts, our innermost feelings.

If you can’t feel other people’s emotions means you can’t feel those subtle energies and frequencies that emanate from your own core. As a consequence, you lose your ability to interact with the subtle world. The next victim is your intuition.

In severe situation, it may mean a loss of connection with the essence of who we are. The result of this is a downshift from a Trinary setup to Binary. Trinary being is connected to its Source (the Zero point) and can navigate polarized material reality objectively. Binary beings, on the other hand, would have lost connection to their Source, and are now operating solely in a fixed polarized material paradigm. 0-1-0-1-0-1 …

They lose the ability to be creative, limit their grasp of what the whole of Creation is shrinking it to its material manifestation exclusively. They become invested in all things intellect, such as science and technology.
Those lost souls are behind the projects like Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Here’s a great article that debunks the idea that our brain acts like a machine and therefore can be replicated.

They become obsessive with material resources, greedy and full of fears. By definition, they live in survival. Not much fun. And not much use either …
With time they become highly manipulative and ultimately destructive.
At this stage it is nearly impossible to regain connection with the Zero point.

Therefore our ability to feel compassion and self-compassion is a gift that should be cherished and preserved at all costs. This makes us who we are, not merely a total sum of intellectual knowledge that we acquired.


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